Kickstart my Heart!

Project: Smell the [City of] Roses

No photos yet!! Read the fine(r) print below...

I'm no wizard with Squarespace formatting. I've put my energy into learning how to take photos instead, so please endure this extremely boring page...the book is going to kick asses. Mind asses.

Some of y'all may have gotten wind of my book endeavor either on Facebook or IG. It's now on the stove, simmering, hoping to receive enough heat to create a golden, crispy, delicious feast for our eyes. I've been filling the freezer with film for the past nine plus months, waiting for a reason to do something more than the usual Flickr or Tumblr posting. The book will be based on the photography I've captured in Portland, OR, my home. This is the town I love, the place I returned to at 15, and have lived a few lives in. My most recent life as a bike messenger has seen a transition into photography, and allowed me to cover some serious ground and gain access to some amazing opportunities to capture this corner of the world. It's honest, authentic, and my hope and efforts have been to keep it an accessible point of view. I want to share my perspectives in a way that you literally feel that you're right there, along for the ride. That's this book. This is my town. Hell, maybe it's yours, too. Hopefully you can understand why I love it, and that it's something you can feel. It's not deep, not spending time on ever changing social issues. They've all come and gone, and more will always take their place. This is their canvas, their landscape. This is the streets. This is the stage. And holy crap, yes, there will be some old cars in there. You know, mostly. If it feels like Portland to me, it's in there.

You're welcome.

Enough banter! Go check out my project page, get some sweet, sweet stuff. It's been nine months. Let's send this photo baby to book college. (Sorry, that's how I talk).